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It takes careful planning and proper thought process to install solar panels professionally. Whether it is commercial solar panel installation or residential solar panel installation, the aim is to get the maximum return on investment. This is why solar panels need to be placed where they can give the optimal effect.


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Middle Swan Solar is a locally owned and operated family business providing a professional service specialising in Solar PV and Renewable Energy. We are a Company that prides itself on installing systems that are built to last with quality inverters and solar panels in Middle Swan and surrounding areas. We specialise in Residential, Rural and Niche projects to provide the customer with longevity and complete peace of mind. Middle Swan Solar is an SMA PowerUP Partner and provides extended warranties on inverters.

We are honest and genuine individuals utilising our experience as qualified tradespeople to install your system. We support Australian owned suppliers and wholesalers wherever possible and promote the use of industry leading products and installation techniques. We supply and Install Batteries, Inverters and Panels which provide tangible and proven warranties.

We use and promote Solar Design software to maximise your investment, providing financial and investment return data to help you make an informed decision.

Choose the team who is here for the long term. Middle Swan Solar. Hire us today – we won’t let you down.

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