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Residential Solar System

We offer systems that are built to last, utilising quality industry trusted products.

We Maintain that
  • Inverter Replacements
  • Solar PV System Service
  • Solar PV System Upgrades
  • Solar PV System Installation
  • Battery Systems Including Tesla Powerwall

Are you looking for a reputable and fully authorized solar system installation company in Midland or Middle Swan to install solar power system for home? Look no further than Middle Swan Solar.

We are a local, family owned and run business specializing in solar PV installation, PV system installation & service, residential solar PV systems installation, battery systems installation including Tesla Powerwall, inverter replacement and the maintenance of renewable energy systems.

We pride ourselves on installing systems built to last with quality Inverters and Solar Panels in the Middle Swan and surrounding areas. We recommend and use only the industry leading products that are installed correctly to Australian Standards and CEC Guidelines. Needless to say, we are a member of the SMA PowerUP program and follow all Australian standards recommended for solar power system installation and service for rural, residential and commercial properties. Make an appointment with one of our Middle Swan Solar authorized professionals and avail a free custom consultation today.

Our Services Include

Operational Checks

Energy Monitoring

Smart Meter Installation