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SMA Extended Warranty with SMA PowerUP Partners

All SMA inverters are backed by a 5-year factory warranty, upgradable via the purchase of an additional 5 years (total 10 years warranty). Purchasing your PV system from an SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Partner grants you this additional 5 year Active Warranty FREE OF CHARGE at the time of installation. You will receive an official warranty extension certificate from your SMA PowerUP partner within 120 days. For any enquiries, contact your SMA PowerUP Partner.


  • SMA Replacement Device: The inverter is set up to receive all updates and is a perfect match for your PV System.
  • SMA Service Line: Our employees conduct an error analysis and initiate the inverter replacement.

Terms & Conditions

1.The additional 5-year Active Warranty requires the inverter to be connected to and registered at SMA Sunny Portal during installation. Connection with the Sunny Portal must remain active in order to keep the warranty valid.

2.SMA may choose to either repair or replace the faulty inverter. In the case of a replacement device being determined necessary, SMA replaces the inverter with a fully compatible exchange device.

3.If SMA decides to use an exchange device, the claimant must return the defective device at his/her own risk in packaging that is suitable for transportation to SMA Australia.

4.SMA will retain ownership of the replacement device that has been delivered until it receives the defective device.

5.If the defective device is returned after a 30-day period, SMA reserves the right to charge the claimant for the cost of adminstering the overdue RMA (Return Material Authorisation) account. Returned items will not be accepted without a valid RMA number obtained from SMA that is clearly displayed on the returned item’s packaging.

6.The service provided by technician on site has to be paid by the customer.

7.This warranty extension is limited to Australia, where product is installed by SMA PowerUP Partner and bought through an SMA Authorised Distributor. Check more details at www.SMA-PowerUP.com.au. For further enquiries, email PowerUP@SMA-Australia.com.au